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Our Team

Ben Linehan

Ben Linehan


Ben Linehan is a journalist and editor for the USA. He has written about many topics, including business, politics, and sports.
He spends his time researching in order to find new information that he can use in his articles. Ben also loves writing stories of people who have overcome adversity or difficult situations.

Justin Hill

Justin Hill


Justin Hill is a researcher. He loves his job and spends his days researching new jobs.

He’s got a wife named Jessica, who works hard as an accountant, and two kids: Emily, who loves reading about dinosaurs, and Luke, who likes playing with his Legos. Justin does not have any pets because he doesn’t want to be responsible for caring for them while he’s at work.

When Justin isn’t working on finding you the perfect career opportunity, he spends time with his family by cooking dinner together or walking in their neighborhood where they live in New York City.