Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India Per Month

India is a country that has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Its GDP growth has been in double digits for the past few years, and it’s expected to continue doing so until 2025.

This means that more people are starting their businesses and making more money than ever before. So, if you’re looking for a career where you could make some quick cash, these top 10 highest paying jobs in India per month might be right up your alley!

The top paid salary in India is Rs.15,000 per month. However, this can vary depending on the company and whether it’s a private or government entity. The highest paying career in the world pays an average of $118K per year in petroleum engineering.

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In India

India is a land of opportunity with many different high paying jobs available. If you are looking to find the highest paying job, here some information on the top 10 jobs in India.

Merchant Navy Jobs: This sector is also related to shipping and transportation, but there is a little more action. You get paid by the month for your work in this sector, including jobs like cargo handling, deck duties, or even piloting boats.

Lecturer: Teacher salaries in India are one of the lowest out there. On the other hand, Lecturers often have a six-figure salary, and some even make up to Rs.60 lakh per annum for teaching at top-tier colleges or universities.

Engineering Jobs: This sector requires specialized skills from educated people as engineers, so it takes time before you get the kind of salary that is worth mentioning.

Doctor: This career requires you to be well educated with good communication skills as patients often need to be reassured about their treatment. Doctors make up to Rs.60 lakh per annum in India, and the average salary is Rs.21,01,000

Engineering Manager: This job requires you to have a graduate degree in engineering or management with experience for top-tier companies like GE, which will pay around $120k per year on average.

Lawyer: The top-paying lawyer jobs have a lot of travel for work which means more money spent on airfare or hotels but will usually pay around $290k annually.

Management Jobs: Companies like GE require managers who can lead operations in different parts of the world, so they would typically offer an annual salary of $120K+. Marketing Manager salaries also go from $40K-$160K+ depending on experience and qualifications.

Charity Manager: This will usually be a volunteer position, and the salary is not paid in cash. Charity managers typically work for free.

Chartered Accountant: They are one of the top-paying jobs in India and abroad. Professional Accountants can make Rs.40 lakhs per annum, and this is on top of a bonus or even equity stake for those that stay with their employer.

Architects: Professional Architects can earn a salary of around Rs.30 lakhs per annum, without the perks.

Computer Engineers: There are many different types of computer engineers, so there isn’t one specific monthly salary, but they could make up to $140K+ annually on average.

Here is more highest paying jobs in India

Medical Specialists: A Medical Specialist will usually be offered between Rs.20 lakhs and 50 lakhs depending on their specialization. For example, radiologists usually earn more than general physicians due to their experience in diagnostic imaging equipment.

Scientists: In India, the average salary for a scientist is between Rs.18 lakhs and 30 lakhs per annum, depending on their level of expertise.

Fashion Designers: Fashion designers earn an annual income of up to Rs.60 lakhs or even higher based on their experience in fashion design and company size.

Chefs: A top chef can expect to earn anywhere from $64K+ (and yearly bonus) upwards with a range of $240K+. Chef takes home at least $120k. Every four years spent as a chef, and they can hope to earn a $20k increase in salary.

Those are the top highest paying jobs in India per month. Engineers, doctors, and scientists are some of the top paid professionals with a salary ranging from Rs.18 lakhs to 30 lakhs annually. There is also a difference between job categories such as marketing executives who earn around Rs.25-30 lakhs per annum versus fashion designers who can expect to make up to Rs.60 lakhs each year based on their experience level.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What careers make a lot of money in India?

When it comes to jobs that pay the most in India, Engineers and Management top out the list, in both cases, people are qualified to study for at least a year before they can begin work.

What is the highest paid salary in India?

The highest paying job per month in India is Petroleum Engineer with an average of Rs.15 lakhs/month or $118,000/year, which ranks it as one of the best occupations worldwide!

Which career has the highest salary in the world per month?

Petroleum Engineering currently takes up 35% of petroleum engineering jobs worldwide – making it number one on our list by far (highest salaries). And according to Glassdoor’s Salary Report: Highest Paying Jobs 2016-2017.

Final Word

Many factors impact the final pay rate for these professions, but it seems like engineers have one of the best salaries out there at this time because they have been experiencing high growth in demand over the past few years. Doctors come close behind them, and those looking for careers where they’ll earn a lot of money will do well with these.

A salary is not just about how much you get paid per hour. And it’s also about what your pay rate looks like when you multiply that by 40 hours or so each week or month, depending on which country you’re living in. For example, if someone were to make $1200/month, then after taxes are taken out, their paycheck would look like around $900 -$950 per month, and this would be the pay rate.

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